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Animation Techniques

Updated: Jan 9

So Blender really isn't for me. so instead I've been working on some 2d techniques.

I gave TV paint a go and quite liked the brushes etc. I still prefer photoshop for animating though.

Then I went to the dark room and started working on some paint on glass animations.

I have also been working with a bit of editing, I went out and filmed footage and cut it together.

After that I did a workshop in Brussels where I got to try out some of my paint on glass animation as an installation with Marcus, Mona, Nan and Berenice.

Here is one of my animations that I did using paint on glass

and here it is after I manipulated it in after effects

And here is another example

Paint on glass before after effects:

And after:

and here is the final projection mapping video with everyones work in

and here is the installation

I also did a workshop with another artist who showed us the eye jack app. I found this to be a really cool tool.

All these workshops inspired me to create my own little art installation inspired by the projection and eye jack techniques I learnt.

I made a large painting from a roll of wallpaper and and a painting on a canvas.

then I made some hand painted animations

and then I made a projection mapping video

I also animated the other painting in after effects

and here are the final two installations

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