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We're in Finland!

Updated: Apr 14

Wow, I have not posted in over 3 months! the semester in Finland has been crazy. in a good way I think. Ive gotten a lot of work done and found some new ways of working. But I am still feeling quite unsure of my film. I think my main issue with my film and my work in general is that I tend to stray away from the more ugly aspects of art. I always try to make pretty pictures, and in doing so I miss out a big aspect of the story.

But first Im going to show you the work I have produced.

first was my presentation from the first weeks. it was nice to show my ideas and put together a poetic presentation.

Download PPTX • 134.75MB

So the first thing classes we did were the analysis classes. and while I didn't make any work from this. I learnt quite a bit about how to structure a story. I also learned that audiences will read into every decision you make, so its important to think about that.

After that it was the virtual reality classes, which I was not the biggest fan of but I managed to make somethings which were cool. I found that I could use virtual reality to inform my own work and I also started to practice my projection mapping techniques.

After that I did an experimental film workshop which was really cool, I felt very inspired after this.

but again after this I started to feel quite lost about my work. I think I left Marja-Riittas class with more questions than answers, which is not a bad thing.

I decided to do an edit test of some footage that I shot just so I could get into the swing of editing again.

After that I tried to write my storyboard and script bit it just wasn't working for me. I realised that I just needed to make some stuff. im not sure ion the whole storyboarding route is gonna work for me.

I also tested some effects in after effects.

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